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Does Your Evaporative Cooler Smell Like a Swamp?

Not all zinc anodes for swamp coolers are created equal.

Understanding what Sunflower Zinc Anodes do and why they should be installed in evaporative coolers.

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Bon-Aire Testimonials
Read what people are saying about the
Sunflower Zinc Anode...

zinc anode cleans swamp cooler air"Six years ago you sold me a Bon-Aire anode for my swamp cooler. My cooler was already 8 or 9 years old at the time. Even though I was taking care of it, the cooler pan was still rusting. In just the first year after installing the anode, I could see a difference. The anode kept all of the flaking and rust under control. Today, my cooler still looks the same as it did when the anode was first installed. There's been no additional deterioration." - Mark Seep, Consolidated Electric Supply

"I endorse the Sunflower Zinc Anode because it does save money, extend cooler life, and is great for our environment. You most definitely will never find any of my personal or my rental properties without your zinc anode in the cooler. That's my Ace in the Hole." - Ed Holmes, Service Man for Bray & Co.

"We've installed 800 anodes and have not had any complaints at all about fishy smelling air in years." - Maintenance Supervisor, Great Homes

"We used to have a lot of calls about smells in the cooler air. This year, after installing 100 Bon-Aire anodes in the student apartments, we only had one call!"
- Brad Ramer, Mesa State College Maintenance Manager

"There were days when we could hardly work inside because of the fishy smell. This year, after installing the zinc anodes we never had a problem with the cooler air smell. They’re great!" - Randy Crawford, Pyramid Printing

"The zinc anode will extend the life of your cooler and keep your air cleaner and healthier. We will be installing this product in over 150 coolers that we service as part of our service contract plans this spring. Our custormers will enjoy the cleanest and most healthy coolers in the Grand Junction area." - Bill Hayes, Owner Service Plus

"I have interviewed many couples, plumbing professionals, and maintenance men (about the zinc anode.) The thing that struck me the most was how much this product had helped people. I realized that this product was like no other on the market. I would advise anyone, and often do, to buy ONLY the Sunflower Zinc Anode. The benefits far outweigh the cost and no SWAMP cooler should be without one." - Jonathan James, Video Technician & Homeowner, Grand Junction

"Maxine has a history of asthma attacks. Two weeks after having the anode installed, we were talking and she hadn't had to use her medication. We now know how good the anode works. We will use one from now on." - Mr. Allen, Homeowner, Palisade, CO

"I am a landlord recommending the Sunflower Zinc Anode. Five years ago the coolers on the roofs were rusting badly. I went to the appliance parts store and they sold me the zinc anodes. They really worked. It looked like the rusting almost came to a stop." - Mr. Cizek, Landlord, Clifton, CO




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