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Does Your Evaporative Cooler Smell Like a Swamp?

Not all zinc anodes for swamp coolers are created equal.

Understanding what Sunflower Zinc Anodes do and why they should be installed in evaporative coolers.

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Not All Zinc Anodes for
Swamp Coolers are Created Equal

When purchasing a ZINC ANODE for your Evaporative Cooler, ask these questions:

  • Why do I need the SUNFLOWER® ZINC ANODE in my evaporative cooler?
    The SUNFLOWER® will prohibit the growth of bacteria that causes the "fishy smell" and will control rust on cooler parts and plan.

  • Why should it be in the shape of a SUNFLOWER®?
    The anode should have a large, exposed surface area for it to corrode and release zinc into the water.

  • Does the anode have to be placed in a plastic container to prevent damage to your water pan?
    The SUNFLOWER does NOT have to be placed in a plastic container.
    If the zinc anode requires a plastic container, it prevents the zinc oxides from flowing freely, thus allowing bacteria growth that produces the Fish Smell and can be harmful when inhaled.

  • What is the zinc anode I am buying ACTUALLY made of?
    The SUNFLOWER® is an alloy containing copper which causes the anode to decompose. Remember: Not all zinc anodes are created equal...

  • How long has the SUNFLOWER® been on the market and PROVEN to work?
    The SUNFLOWER® and penny zinc strip have been successfully proven for over TEN (10) years!!

  • Where was the SUNFLOWER® developed and manufactured?
    The SUNFLOWER® was developed and manufactured in the United States of America using U.S. materials, labor, and advertising dollars.

  • Does the SUNFLOWER® costs more?
    Initially, the SUNFLOWER® costs more, but in the long run is more economical. Depending upon the salinity of your water, it can last up to THREE years. (You get what you pay for!)

  • Can I speak directly with the developer to ask any questions about the SUNFLOWER®?
    Yes, please call either: 970-243-4149 or Toll Free outside of Grand Junction: 888-609-9766.




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