Breathing is not a Choice — How Safe is your Evaporative Cooler Air?

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Does Your Evaporative Cooler Smell Like a Swamp?

Not all zinc anodes for swamp coolers are created equal.

Understanding what Sunflower Zinc Anodes do and why they should be installed in evaporative coolers.

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The Sunflower Zinc Anode
Instructions for easy installation.

kills bacteria and mold in swamp coolers

  1. Remove the backing board from the Sunflower Zinc Anode and place the zinc anode in the water.
  2. Attach the wire to any metal part of the cooler using attached sheet metal screw.
  3. At the end of summer, leave it in the cooler and winterize as usual.
    The Sunflower Zinc Anode
  4. Brush the Sunflower Zinc Anode off in the spring to remove any mineral deposits before using the cooler. The Sunflower Zinc Anode
  5. can last up to three years




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