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Does Your Evaporative Cooler Smell Like a Swamp?

Not all zinc anodes for swamp coolers are created equal.

Understanding what Sunflower Zinc Anodes do and why they should be installed in evaporative coolers.

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zinc anode cleans evaporative cooler airOur History

Bon-Aire Manufacturing was incorporated April 17, 2003, in Grand Junction, Colorado.

The company was established by Kathy Schmoldt, a retired school teacher of 27 years. Kathy first began using, then marketing the zinc anode after experiencing the effects of breathing polluted air caused by evaporative coolers, better known as SWAMP COOLERS.

The technology for the Sunflower Zinc Anode was developed by Anode Systems Company of Grand Junction.

Hans Schmoldt, a N.A.C.E. certified Cathodic Protection Specialist, tested various shapes and alloys of zinc in evaporative coolers in the late 1980’s. Ultimately, a zinc penny strip was chosen to be the first zinc anode to be sold commercially to contractors. Early responses on its performance were our customer testimonials.

Because the zinc anode was not advertised, the general public was unaware of the benefits of installing this product. From that time, to the year 2000, the zinc anode was sold as a corrosion protection device. In 2000, the emphasis was placed on its anti-fungal property. Newspaper ads and articles were printed in the local newspapers. In 2001, TV and radio ads aired in the Grand Junction area explaining the benefits of the zinc anode from both a health and maintenance standpoint. Armed with this knowledge, the general public started asking for the zinc anodes, which prompted the Grand Junction hardware stores to begin stocking the Sunflower Zinc Anode.

Residents in the Grand Valley who use the Zinc Anode have literally taken the SWAMP out of their evaporative coolers.

Sunflower Zinc Anodes are being used in the following states:

zinc anode cleaner swamp cooler air• Arizona
• Nevada
• California
• New Mexico
• Colorado
• Ohio
• Florida
• Oregon
• Kansas
• Texas
• Maryland
• Utah




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