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Not all zinc anodes for swamp coolers are created equal.

Understanding what Sunflower Zinc Anodes do and why they should be installed in evaporative coolers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Sunflower Zinc Anode work?
A: The Zinc Anode is laid in the water and attached with a screw to the cooler. A weak battery between the zinc and metal is created and electrons flow from the zinc to the steel. During this electro-chemical reaction, zinc oxide is released into the water..

Q: How does the Zinc Anode control bacteria?
A: Zinc oxide is an antibacterial compound that bacteria cannot digest. Zinc Oxide controls the growth of bacteria by reducing its food supply.

Q: Is Zinc harmful?
A: No. Zinc Oxide is a natural anti-fungal and antibacterial ingredient used in many over-the-counter products. Dr. Scholl’s Foot Powder, Johnson’s Diaper Rash Ointment, Desitin, Zinc Lozenges, and One-A-Day Vitamins contain zinc. It is also used to protect fruit trees, grapevines, and vegetables against mildew.

Q: How does the Zinc Anode control rust and corrosion?
A: Zinc and steel form a battery when they are connected in water. Electrons flow from the zinc to the steel because zinc is naturally more active than steel. The zinc corrodes instead of the steel.

Q: Is there an anode for use in fiber-glass coolers?
A: Yes, please refer to: Sunflower Zinc Anode 2 on our Products page for more information. No intallation, just lay it in the water pan . . . it will control the bacteria, mold, and mildew growth.

Q: How long before the Zinc Anode is consumed?
A: The Zinc Anode can last up to three years or more, depending of the salinity of the water and the length of the summer season.

Q: How much does the Zinc Anode cost?
A: Both Zinc Anode products cost less than $30.00 each.

Q: Is there any maintenance on the Zinc Anode?
A: There is no maintenance required. A "white coating" of zinc oxide on the anode can be brushed off in the spring when the cooler is put into use for another season.

Q: How is the Zinc Anode installed?
A: The Zinc Anode is laid into the water and the wire is connected to the cabinet with a sheet metal screw.

Q: What if there is a "fishy smell" in the air?
A: You are inhaling mold spores, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

Q: Who is most affected by the health problems associated with evaporative coolers?
A: Children, the elderly, those who are taking antibiotics, patients on chemotherapy, and anyone who has a weak immune system are most affected.

Q: Does the magnesium rod anode work the same as the Zinc Anode?
A: No! Magnesium does nothing to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Experience has shown that a magnesium rod anode does not last as long as a zinc anode.

Q: Does the Zinc Anode cost more than the magnesium rod anode?
A: On an annual basis, the Zinc Anode is cheaper.

Q: Will changing the pads every season take care of the "bacteria problem?"
A: No. Bacteria multiply very rapidly and changing the pads does not stop the growth of the bacteria.

Q: Does using bleach or tablets work the same as the Zinc Anode?
A: No! Bleach is a corrosive agent that causes the pan and parts of your cooler to rust. After a few hours, the bleach and chemicals "evaporate" and are not effective. These work about the same as hot tub and swimming pool chemicals. They must be added on a continuous basis.

Q: Where can I purchase the Sunflower Zinc Anode in the Grand Junction, Colorado area?
A: Clifton Ace Hardware
Harbert Lumber
Delta Ace Hardware
Orchard Mesa True Value
Valley Lumber
Fruita Co-op
Palisade United Fruit Growers
Western Implement
Grand Junction True Value
Peachtree True Value
Westburne Supply, Inc

Q: Who will install the Zinc Anode for me?
A: You can call Service Plus at 970-242-7400 to have the zinc anode installed.



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